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MADE's Signature Custom Fitness Facial    

The Non-surgical "Face Lift." This facial utilizes LED Light Therapy and Micro Current Technologies simultaneously.Our micro current machine sends safe, painless impulses to the muscles in your face that helps overly- tightened muscles relax and helps under worked muscles to regain strength. In essence, micro current facial toning"re-educates" and restores the facial muscles providing smoother younger looking skin. Meanwhile, the LED light stimulates collagen and elastin fibers and renews the layers of epidermis. Light therapy also allows us to address specific skin issues like troublesome acne, hyper pigmentation or target fine lines. A Corrective facial.
90 minutes
Individual Treatment $179 * Series of three receive 10% off * Series of six receive 15% off * Series of 12 receive 20% off    
60 minutes Individual Treatment $130

Teen Facial 
The MADE signature teen facial is designed to address the specific needs of a teenager's sensitive and youthful skin, while targeting your emerging skin concerns. Included is a thorough skin analysis, and customized product recommendations to give you a jump start on a healthy skincare regimen
60 minutes / $85

Gentlemens's Facial
A facial designed for men's special needs by soothing rough, sensitive skin. This treatment will nourish and protect against the negative effects
caused by the environment while emphasizing on pore cleaning, razor blade irritation and dehydration.
60 minutes / $110


Collagen Neck Lift Mask * Soothes, hydrates, helps firm and tighten
Collagen Eye Lift Masks * Moisturizes and hydrates the eye area, helps firm and tighten
Collagen Lip Pluming Mask * plumps, smooths, hydrates to promote lush lips $20

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